The Three Elementary Domains


The three elementary domains are perfect cubes with the side length of 40 075 km. A domain is the medium in which atoms can manifest and move. The whole process can be compared to bubbles in water (or to holes in cheese) - a bubble manifests in water and cannot exists outside of its medium, in this case, water. Similarly atoms are bubbles of geometric shape moving across their domain.

Bubbles manifest in the process of contraction of the domain, meaning, when the domaijn contracts, it releases geometric bubbles, also known as atoms. 


These geometric bubbles can move freely and at any known speed through the domain, and not only that, when a bubble reaches the eastern or western end of the domain, it instantaniously appears at the opposite end of the domain, whereas the bubble experiences the "jump" as a continuous motion. This means that matter can move from east to west or from west to east in a straight line in a perpetual "space loop", while experiencing space, or the domain, as a contiuum. This is the principle behind the repetitive space concept. Airplanes, ships etc. constantly cross the barriers of the domain to reappear at the opposite ends, while experiencing space as a continuum.


We're now familiar with the main function of the domain, namely, serving as the medium for geometric bubbles, but the bubbles alone have no physical properties at all - no weight, no attraction, nothing.., and this is where the aether jumps in. All of the three domains exist parallel to each other, occupying the same space, and all of the domains are suffused by the aether, which is vibrating and thereby providing all laws of physics to the matter/bubbles in the domains. This includes atomic attraction, "gravity", preservation of velocity and many more.


Bubbles in the domain of darkness - physical matter

The domain of Darkness is the domain of what is called "physical matter". All atoms on Mendeleev's periodic table are octahedlar building stones of different shapes. The difference between all atoms of Darkness is in their mass/size and in their elongation - some atoms are extremely elongated, resembling needles, others are rather flat, but all of them have the octahedron as the fundamental layout because the geometry of this domain is capable of creating octahedral bubbles only.


Bubbles in the domain of Light - spiritual matter

Light is the element of the Heavenly Things. Spirits, Angels, Demons, Hell, Underworld and, of course, the realms of Heaven exist on the domain of Light. There are also other components in Astronomy that exist on the domain of Light. For example, the celestial chariot which carry theSun, Moon, Planets; the Leaders of the Stars or "the Heads Over Thousands".

It's neccessary to mention that the domain of Light and the domain of Darkness are seperated on Earth. Light and Darkness are capable of fully interacting with each other, but these two domains are seperated on Earth, meaning there is no physical or visual interaction between physical matter and spiritual matter, because the frequency on Earth puts a veil between the two element. However, this is not the case on other platforms - Light and Darkness can physically fully interact in the heavens above. Like for example in the fourth Heaven, the chariots of the Sun is made from Light and it Carries the Sun, whereas the Sun is mostly made from Darkness - the Sun is basically a huge and extremely powerful light bulb.


Bubbles in the domain of Lightning

The third and last element on the list is Lightning. We know this element from lightning bolt in the sky. During the short manifestation of a lightning bolt, the domain of lightning contracts and releases "bubbles" which have a bright and blueish radiance - the typical appearance of lightning bolt. But lightning bolt are by far not the only example of Lightning - Stars, Planets, and the Moon, the Celestial Sphere or "stars of God", and some angelic groups are also made of Lightning. That's right, the Moon is made from the same element as a lightning bolt, just like stars and planets. As we already can guess, there is an interaction between the domain of Darkness and the Domain of Lightning taking place on Earth. We can see, hear and fully interact with the element of Lightning although it's on a seperate domain because the frequency on Earth adjoins the two elements.

                                                                                              In addition

1. The domains also serve as the medium for the fabric of visual light. Visible light can manifest and exist in the medium of the domain only.

2. The domains have no bottom. This means that the "space loop" work only for east-west/west-east and for north-south/south-north motion. It does not work fo the up-down axis. If an atom arrives at the top of the domain, the upper barrier will act as a solid ceiling. If the atom travels down to the bottom of the domain, it runs risk of falling out of the domain into "non-existance", similar to a bubble rising out of the water and popping at the surface, but in the other direction.