The Ten Heavens


The universe harbours twelve major platforms (although the platforms may be subdivided into several layers). The lowest platform is Hell, the second lowest is called Chasm, above Chasm is the Earth where we are now. The waters above are within one major platform with the Earth. Above our platform are nine other platforms or "Heavens" ( God created the Heavens and the Earth). The platforms are presumably around 3000 km in height.  Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupites,Venus are traversing the fourth Heaven (depicted as 4th platform in picture above). The firmament with the stars is the solid layer dividing the platforms seven and eight.The Celestial Sphere projecting the stars onto the firmament is in the 9th Heaven, and finally, God dwells in the 10th Heaven, and reigns from His Throne together with Christ.

Generally speaking, everything above the visible stars is the Kingdom of Heaven, meaning the platforms 8,9,10. The major element in the Kingdom of Heaven is Light, followed by the element of Lightning. Some angelic groups are made from Lightning, the Celestial Sphere is made from Lightning etc.