Repetitive space / Space loop

In order to understand how cyclic space is physically possible, we need to keep in mind that matter is not expressed in the “bubble”, but  in the medium surrounding the bubble, while the bubble itself is technically the absence of matter and a hollow space within the domain. The bubble can appear at any point within the domain since the actual element is the medium itself. The domains have the property to act as a continuous, repetitive space that has no perceptible boundaries.

A bubble that reaches the “wall” of the domain and continues its journey passes through it and appears at the opposite “wall”. From the perspective of the bubble, the domain acts as a continuum, and the bubble wouldn't notice its jump to the opposite wall. Matter is in fact the medium itself, whereas atoms are bubbles which are not bound to a specific point within the domain, but can be projected to any point within the medium. A bubble can move in a straight line perpetually, without ever reaching the “wall”, since it would start its motion anew every time it passes through the wall without experiencing the wall as an obstacle. Moreover, the bubble wouldn't be able to tell the exact location of the wall within the domain because he illusion of continuity is perfect. People, airplanes, and ships are constantly crossing the “wall” of the domain in the extreme  West, and continue their journey in the extreme East of the domain without being aware of the “jump”. This is the principle which enables to travel from east to west or from west to east and arrive at the starting point, all while moving in a straight line over a flat plane. 


Picture above shows a domain and a spherical object moving from right to left. Let's imagine that this is the domain of Darkness and the object is a ball. The ball is moving from right to left in a repetitive cycle; as soon as it reaches the left wall, it appears at the right wall. The cube-shaped box represents the medium in which the ball exists. The ball cannot leave the box nor find its edge. In likewise manner, our known space is the cube and we are the ball.

...ball moving from right to left in a continuous space loop.


...Sun and Moon moving from east to west in a continuous space loop.