Propagation of sound and radio waves in the Aether


"If you don't believe in science stop using your computer, your mobile phone, the internet, GPS because all of it is the invention of a scientist!" 

                                                                                                              - is a frequent statement made by supporters of the offcial "Newsteinian", gravity-based science, and all in all, the statement is not that wrong, after all, all of the named technology was indeed invented by scientists. However, NONE of the named inventions, as well as their official inventors, has any remote relation to the official gravity-based science community. Quite the opposite is the case, all of the great inventors of the late 19th and early 20ieth century were supporters of the Aether as the medium and force of the Universe, the most prominent was Nicola Tesla, and  all of them are considered "heretics" by the official heliocentric science community because they refused to bow down to Einstein's Theory of Gravity and deny the existence of the Aether -  It is them to be credited for practically all of today's technology - not the dudes kidding around, making bad jokes, showing tonges and  talking about some evil and bloodthirsty black holes lurking outside in the woods and seeking to devour "science" critics.... or something like that.


"But wait a minute", you say "what about our glorious mainstream scientist community, they have contributed so much to the technological progress, without Einstein, Newton, Bill Nye and Co, we would'nt even have computers."

-Unfortunatelly, this is still a wide spread belief among official-science fans. In reality, the heliocentric scientist community falsely credits itself for merits they have no relation to, on the contrary, all of the scientists we hear from in schools and on television are ardent opponents of the true aether-based model of the Universe and of its supporters, the real "fathers" of our technological advancement. Theories based on theories based on theories over theories backed up by equations is the only thing scientists like Bill Nye, Neil DeGrasse and Einstein etc. can credit themselves for as much as they want, but when it comes to technology and advancement, they should bow their heads in silence because they have been playing the role of gatekeepers working for the big corporations and boasting around with the achievements of their long suppressed opponents. A pile of useless theories and a telescope is the only merit of the heliocentric science community over the last 400 years. 

But back to the statement above - Ironically, it's the people who deny the existance of the aether and support Newsteinian "gravity" who should start ask themselves, how in the world do their Radio, GPS, mobile phones actually work if there is no medium to conduct the waves? The answer is simple - This medium is the Aether.


Although the Aether was declared heretic and "abolished" by the Newsteinian Corporate Science Community in the early 20ieth century, it is still there and it has been doing its excellent job since the foundation of the world and will do it forevermore.


Similarly to water, aether conducts and distributes 3-dimensional waves in space, and it's these waves that are picked up by our mobile phones, by our radio and converted into sound. Without a medium the named technology would not work because waves cannot exist outside of their medium. 

Radio-waves are frequencies in the aether. The transmitter creates waves in the aether which are picked up by a receiver, and converted into sound. Radio-waves, remote control, walkie-talkies, mobile phones, mobile notebooks, GPS, all of the named devices work according to the same principle of creating and receiving aethereal waves and converting them into sound and pictures.

Sound waves spread  at the speed of approximately 330 meters per second, which is about the speed of an average handgun bullet. According to the official theory, the medium conducting sound waves is air. The inevitably emerging question is, How is a soft gas supposed to conduct sound waves at that speed? Air, being a soft gas, is not capable of conducting sound waves at speeds faster than a bullet, let alone to great distances because common sense tells that the vibration would be absorbed after a very short distance. However, in actual reality, sound waves do travel at high speeds to great distances and this proves the presence of a rigid medium. The rigidity of the medium is the main factor for the speed at which waves can travel; only a highly rigid medium enables waves to travel at the speed of a bullet - this medium is the aether. 

However, since aether is not a physical substance, it cannot make sound on its own - aethereal vibration sets the air in motion and it's the vibrating air that makes the actual sound. Sound is an interplay between aether and air. Without air, there is no sound, this is why there is no sound in vacuum.