Magnetic Day and Magnetic Night

... the entire surface of the foundation of the sky is a grid of hexagonal cells, like a bee hive. There are a number of cells from which winds come out, forming firmaments, but from all the other “cells” winds also come out. Only these winds are softer than the previous ones, as these winds create the Earth's magnetic poles.
The Earth's atmosphere is filled with several forms of light at the same time - it includes etheric fields, information fields, as well as magnetic fields.
At the moment, we are interested in the latter - the magnetic fields along which the compass needle is built. These magnetic fields are created by the geometric, non-physical fabric that emanates from the pillars of heaven.

From the northern pillar and from the southern pillar magnetic winds come out and fill the entire space between the pillars with magnetic fields.
The Earth's magnetic fields serve, among other things, for navigation - for both people and animals. It is by these magnetic fields that birds are guided when they make long flights to the south and back. Also, marine animals living in the seas and oceans are guided by the magnetic fields of the Earth. Some species of lobster that live in the seas and oceans make long-distance dashes into the southern waters every year - this despite the fact that they move in complete darkness and at great depths, where there are no natural landmarks such as the Sun and the stars. And this is just one example out of many - in fact, most, if not all animal species, are capable of sensing Earth's magnetic fields and using them for navigation purposes. It is safe to say that the Earth's magnetic fields are a natural GPS system.
In the official model of a spherical earth, there are two different poles: the geographic pole and the magnetic pole. In our model, however, there are no geographic poles at all, but only magnetic poles.
As we know, the entire space between the southern and northern pillars is filled with magnetic fields, or winds, but there are points where the magnetic field is stronger than anywhere else. These points represent magnetic centers and are located on the pillars of heaven.

 the following material is an outtake from the book "The Pillars of Creation" by Roman Chernykh...  translated with Google translator


Graph 4.8 shows the approximate locations of the magnetic north pole and magnetic south pole. Directional arrows are also shown: one arrow at the magnetic north pole points west, the other arrow at the magnetic south pole points east. These arrows represent the direction of displacement of these poles. The magnetic poles are slowly but surely shifting: the north pole to the west, the south pole to the east. The magnetic poles continue to shift until they reach the east or west barrier. For example, the magnetic north pole reaches the western barrier and, in parallel, a new north pole appears on the eastern barrier, and in the same way slowly but surely moves west. Thus, a cycle is obtained. All being consists of cycles: a cycle of 60 seconds, a cycle of 60 minutes, a cycle of 24 hours, a cycle of 7 days, a cycle of 28 days, a cycle of 12 months, a cycle of 7 years, and if we move further in this direction, then we will reach the largest cycle - this cycle is approximately 1000 years. However, it is not excluded that for the Creator himself there are a number of cycles that go down in 1000 years, but for us creatures, 1000 years is the highest relevant unit of time.


                                                                                                                The laws of physics


And God said to Adam: “If you bite off the forbidden fruit, you will die on the same day,” but we know that Adam did not die on the same day, but lived another 930 years. And this begs the question: Why didn't Adam die on the same day? Maybe God still took pity on him and gave him another 930 years to live? - Not. Adam died on the same day, as he was told by God, only the term “day” mentioned in this context did not mean 24 hours at all. By the word "day" is meant a unit of time of about a thousand years. Most likely, a different term was used in the original text, and not "day" in our understanding. In the ancient world, when the history of Creation was written, terminology was different for time units and for different cycles than in the modern world. Much of the ancient terminology has not survived to our time. When they had to translate the history of the creation of the world, or the same Book of Enoch, the translators inevitably faced the fact that in the ancient world there were many words to denote units of time and cycles, which had no equivalents in modern terminology. Therefore, they had to resort to common words like "day" or "week", although the original unit did not mean 24 hours at all, but rather 1000 years. But let's leave this topic for discussion by linguists and return to the magnetic poles.

We got acquainted with the cycle of magnetic poles. It means that one pole leaves, and the other pole comes, and so on - this cycle is about 1000 years. So, based on graph 4.8, the magnetic north pole continues to move west until a new magnetic pole appears in the east and reaches the same point. The South Magnetic Pole in parallel completes a similar cycle, only in the opposite direction - to the east.
There are two important points in this cycle. The first point is when the north and south poles compare with each other and approach as close as possible, occupying the same meridian. This point is magnetic at night.
The second important point in the cycle is when both poles are at their maximum distance from each other - this point is a magnetic day.
What is the difference between magnetic day and magnetic night? - And the difference between them is huge - no less than the difference between winter and summer, or between day and night.
First, the magnetic poles, namely their position, affects the structure of the etheric body. In this vein, we can talk about two states of the etheric body: charged and discharged. The charged etheric structure carries a vortex, and the discharged ether structure is straightened and does not contain elements of the vortex.
Let's see how it looks in practice:

небесные ветра 132-2.png

Graph 4.9 shows the south and north magnetic poles when they are at their farthest apart. In this case, we are considering a magnetic day. We also see arrows depicting rotation in the northern half and in the southern - these arrows represent the state of the etheric structure, which in this case is "twisted", that is, it carries elements of a vortex. Ether itself is a carrier not only of energy, but also of all the laws of physics, and it is precisely the "vortex" in the structure of the ether that endows it with additional energy, power, and inertia.
Our laws of physics are not constant and immutable - the laws of physics are subject to their cycle and are constantly changing. When you go to bed, some laws of physics work, but when you get up the next morning, the laws of physics are already different from yesterday. The difference is, of course, relatively insignificant, but it is. The laws of physics change from day to day, from year to year, from century to century, and their state is determined by the structure of the ether, which is constantly changing as the magnetic poles shift.
Now let's look at magnetic night:

небесные ветра 132.png

So, before us is a magnetic night: both magnetic poles are equal. In this regard, the structure of the ether is completely straightened out. In this state, the structure of the ether does not contain the vortex element as in the diagram 4.9. Thus, the ether is discharged.
Well, now let's move on to the main question: what exactly is the difference between charged ether and discharged ether, and how does it manifest itself in practice?
Everyone knows the following phenomenon: you pull out the plug in the bath, and in the process of water flowing down, a funnel is formed. If you live north of the equator, the funnel will rotate clockwise. If you are south of the equator, the funnel will rotate counterclockwise. The same goes for large tornadoes and small sandstorms that can lift a handful of sand and dust into a small funnel - they all rotate clockwise in the northern half, and counterclockwise in the southern half - we are talking about the so-called Corioles effect.
The so-called Coriolis Force lies in the charged structure of the ether. In other words, a charged aetheric structure carries vortex elements, which in turn make matter rotate in a certain direction, and also give inertia to rotation.
Thus, the charged structure of the ether carries the direction vector and inertia.
From the point of view of magnetic day and night, we are relatively close to the point of the magnetic day, that is, the point when the magnetic poles move away from each other as far as possible and the ether will be charged as much as possible.
The magnetic noon phase can occur no earlier than 150 or 200 years. If we compare with the example of an ordinary day, now it is about 10:00 in the morning, the sun is already relatively high in the sky, the sunlight warms everything around and life begins to boil. However, there are still two hours until noon.
Since we were all born and raised in this magnetic phase, it is difficult for us to imagine the world to others, but there are places on Earth where the ether is always discharged and where some features of the magnetic night can be observed.
This place is the equator. In addition, the equator is also the line of transition of the etheric structure from the northern charge to the southern one, while the line itself along the equator does not have a charge, since the ether structure is straightened here and does not bear vortexes.
This is evidenced by many experiments carried out on the equator line, which, from the point of view of official science, have no reasonable explanation.
The most popular experiment at the equator is the experiment with water, in which a container is filled with water and allowed to drain through a hole in the bottom of the container. At the same time, the crowd of spectators is delighted that when the water is drained, the usual funnel is not formed for everyone - water is like sucks out from below, and the Corioles effect is not observed.
This is just one experiment, in fact, there are many experiments at the equator that do not obey the laws of physics.
In the next experiment, an egg is taken and placed on the small head of a hammered nail. When trying to place an egg on a small nail head, the experimenter is surprised at how easily the egg finds equilibrium. Moreover, the egg can remain in this position for a long time until it is removed from there.
If you carry out the same experiment, moving away a few meters from the equator line itself, then not only will you not be able to put the egg on the nail head - you will hardly be able to balance it on a flat table.
The question is: why is it so easy to put an egg on the head of a nail at the equator, while at any other point on the Earth it is almost impossible? - The answer lies in the air, or rather in its structure. At the equator, the structure of the ether is straightened and does not bear swirls - at the equator the ether is discharged. It is the vortex in the ether structure that does not allow the egg to stand at any other point on the Earth, since the ether vortex pulls the egg in all directions. But at the equator, there is no vortex and the egg is not subject to additional pull to the sides. At least the thrust is significantly less.

Next experiment: walk with closed eyes along the equator line. It seems to us that walking two meters in a straight line with closed eyes is not a special achievement - as numerous video footage of police checks shows, even people in a state of strong intoxication are able to walk several meters in a straight line with their eyes closed before leaving to the side.
But if this line is the equatorial line, then it will be extremely difficult even for a sober one to take three steps and not go away. The fact is that people trying to walk with their eyes closed along the equatorial line lose a significant part of their orientation in space, and even balance. For outside observers, their attempts look rather clumsy and amusing. It looks as if they do not know which direction to go in general, and at the same time they are still diligently trying to maintain balance.
It's no secret that animals use the Earth's magnetic fields as a natural GPS, but as the experiment at the equator shows, our orientation in space is also largely dependent on magnetic fields.

Do a little experiment: close your eyes and walk throughout the apartment, while walking around every room. Most likely, this will not be difficult for you. Having in mind the layout of the apartment you are used to, you can easily walk around it around the entire perimeter. At the same time, you will not lose balance, and you will be clearly aware of which direction is which room - where is the corridor, where is the front door, and so on. In other words, you will have a sense of orientation in space. This is only possible thanks to magnetic fields and our ability to perceive them. Our orientation in space is made up not only of sight and hearing, but also of the perception of magnetic fields.
As for the equator, immediately along its line, the magnetic fields are neutral, due to which a person who is on the equator line loses a significant part of his natural orientation, and partially equilibrium.

So, we got acquainted with some anomalies that occur on the equator line, but it should be noted that the equator effect cannot be fully compared with magnetic night.
If we talk about the rarefied ether at the equator, then we are dealing with a very thin strip along which the structure of the ether is completely straightened. A strip, the width of which can be several centimeters, while the entire surrounding ether carries a charge.
But during the magnetic night, that is, when the north and south poles occupy one meridian, the ether is discharged throughout the Earth. Accordingly, the effect will be quite different from that which we see at the equator.

During the magnetic night, different laws of physics apply than during the magnetic day - due to the straightened structure of the ether, objects are much easier to balance, and you would not have difficulty putting an egg on the head of a nail, or, for example, walking on a tight rope for a long time. This is due to the absence of a vortex element in the structure of the ether, which would pull both you and the egg in all directions.

The next feature of the astronomical night concerns the law of inertia.
Ether carries all the laws of physics and without ether, not a single law of physics familiar to us, including the law of inertia, would operate.

Let's imagine this with the example of a ball: When we kick the ball, we kick it and transfer energy to it. Due to this energy, the ball is set in motion and flies in the direction we need. Now imagine that you are kicking the same ball with all your strength, but at the same time it does not fly away anywhere - when you hit it with your foot, it moves along with your foot, but as soon as contact between the ball and leg is interrupted, the ball is there and then stops and is brought to complete immobility. From the point of view of modern science, inertia is a property of matter, and when a moving object collides with a stationary one, the moving object transfers part of its energy to the stationary one, because of which the second is set in motion.
In reality, inertia is not a property of matter, but a property of the ether. In this regard, the process of energy transfer is slightly different: by striking the ball with our foot, we set it in a sharp movement - and by a sharp jerk, a stretch is created in the ether structure. In other words, the ethereal structure around the ball stretches like rubber, and naturally, the stretched structure immediately tends to contract to its original state. If you pull on the elastic and release, the elastic will instantly return to its original state. The same thing happens with the structure of the ether - the stretched ether tends to pull back. It is the process of tightening the etheric structure to its original state that is the inertia that sets the ball in motion.
The ball set in motion remains in motion only as long as the ether structure expands, and when the stretched structure is completely pulled together, the ball will stop.

Thus, any manifestation of inertia is a quality of the ether, and not of the body itself, as it is commonly believed according to Newton. This rule applies for a ball, for a moving cyclist, or for a bullet leaving the barrel of a rifle - in all three cases, the principle of stretching and contracting the ether structure is involved.
In the case of a bullet, an explosion occurs, which sets the bullet in a violent motion, which in turn forms a strong elongation in the etheric structure. When the bullet leaves the muzzle, it still flies a distance of more than one kilometer due to the fact that the contracting structure of the ether pulls it forward. The bullet remains in motion until the ether is completely straightened out.

The next example is a cyclist moving at a speed of 15 km / h. If the cyclist stops pedaling, he will remain in motion for some time before stopping completely. This is due to the fact that during the ride there is also a slight stretching of the etheric structure, and if you stop pedaling, then the stretched structure of the ether will retain a charge, which will pull the cyclist forward for some time until the ether structure is completely expanded and the charge is exhausted.

The first of Newton's three laws states that an object in "space", that is, in a vacuum, can be in a state of rectilinear and uniform motion indefinitely, since there is no resistance in a vacuum.
It must be understood that movement is always a discharge of energy, and any charge will sooner or later be exhausted.
The belief that an ordinary body can endlessly be in a state of motion without external influence is nothing more than belief in miracles.
Don't get me wrong, miracles do exist, but they are not the rule, but rather the exception to the rule. In physics, however, we proceed exclusively from the rule. And consequently, the statement that in a vacuum the charge (inertia) can be exhausted endlessly is as absurd as the thought that if you turn over a bottle of water, water will flow endlessly. In reality, the water will flow exactly as much as there is in the bottle. The same can be said about a moving body - the body is in a state of motion exactly as much as there is enough charge in the etheric structure, regardless of whether the body is moving in a vacuum or in some other medium. Of course, in a vacuum, a body can be in motion for a longer time than, say, in water, since in a vacuum there is no additional waste of energy due to resistance, as it happens in water. However, in both cases, the charge of inertia will sooner or later be exhausted and the body will stop.


4.11: Three stages of bullet flight are shown. In the first stage, the bullet leaves the muzzle. The blue structure accompanying the bullet depicts the etheric structure and the degree of its charge. When flying out of the muzzle, the etheric structure around the bullet carries the highest charge.
Second stage: After flying 1000 meters, the etheric structure has largely contracted and the bullet has lost a significant part of its momentum.
Third stage: The bullet fell and stopped. At this stage, the etheric structure that accompanies the bullet has completely contracted to its original state and does not carry a charge. Along the entire flight path, the bullet is pulled by an etheric charge, that is, stretching in the etheric structure. And when the etheric structure is pulled back to its original state, the bullet will stop.

You can compare ether to an elastic band: if you stretch the elastic and release it, the elastic immediately contracts to its original state. The stretched ether, like a stretched elastic band, tends to tighten to its original state, and it is the process of tightening the etheric structure that moves the bullet leaving the muzzle. The degree of stretching of the etheric structure determines the strength of the charge.

Inertia, that is, the force with which the body moves, has two factors: The first factor is the etheric charge itself, which we transfer, for example, to the ball by kicking it. The second factor is the state of the very structure of the ether, and on this we return to the topic of the magnetic cycle.

During a magnetic day, the structure of the ether carries an additional charge in the form of a vortex. This is due to the fact that when the ether is charged, the body set in motion moves longer than when the ether does not carry an additional charge.
Imagine you are shooting a bow and your arrow flies, say, 200 meters before hitting the ground. Let's also imagine that you have the opportunity to travel several centuries in time in order to repeat the same procedure during the magnetic night, when the ether is as low as possible.
So, you draw the bow and shoot the arrow with the same force as before, but this time, it flies not 200 meters, but only 80. And no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to get close to the previous result. And it’s not that you’re not pulling the bow down enough - it’s that different laws of physics are at work.
But that's not all. The changed structure of the ether will also affect your physical abilities - it will also be more difficult for you to walk and run. If you run 4 kilometers in normal conditions without difficulty, then with a thin air, you will feel overwhelmed after, say, two kilometers, and maybe even earlier.

This pattern will apply to all your physical abilities, and any physical work will be more difficult for you. This is due to the fact that all physical force is also taken from the ether. Our muscles contain winds, that is, the light tissue of a geometric structure. And when we move the limbs of the body, we change the geometric structure of the light tissue in the muscles, which leads to their contraction.
Physical strength is the interaction between ether and winds in our muscles.
Consequently, the discharged structure of the ether will affect, first of all, in the loss of physical strength. For example, if under normal conditions you lift a ten-kilogram weight with one hand without difficulty, then with discharged air you will need both hands for this, since 10 kilograms with charged air may seem to you like 20-25 with discharged air.

The next key point is magnetism. Discharged ether will also affect any equipment based on magnetism. With discharged ether, magnets lose, if not all, then at least a significant part of their magnetic properties. The reason for this lies in the fact that the strength of magnetism largely depends on the degree of vortex in the structure of the ether.
And since virtually all modern equipment includes magnetism and electricity, we can say that all electrical devices will stop working. This applies to a computer, smartphone, TV, washing machine, car, drill, aircraft and much more. In other words, the entire technological age will come to a standstill with the coming of the next magnetic night. And humanity will return to the way of life that was before the technological revolution in the 19th century, as it happened periodically in every millennium.
In each millennium there is a period of a magnetic day - during this period, life becomes more active and richer, new cities appear and flourish, the number of people on Earth increases, technological progress flourishes - however, everything that we have been observing since the beginning of the 19th century.
After a magnetic day, a magnetic evening sets in, and all activity slowly declines. Then the astronomical night sets in - this is when all activity decreases to a minimum - during this period, cities and lands are abandoned by people, the number of people on Earth decreases, and humanity returns to a primitive way of life, since all equipment based on magnetism completely stops working and become useless over the next centuries.

After a couple of centuries of astronomical night, an astronomical morning comes and the activity slowly increases and at some stage the time of "technological progress" comes, since the era of magnetism blossoms with the charged ether. Then the day comes again.
And so, from millennium to millennium, the magnetic cycle repeats itself: day - evening - night - morning.
The six-day creation of the world implies magnetic days, not twenty-four hour days. God created during the magnetic day. On the first magnetic day, God laid all the foundations in this world, and divided the waters. And on the sixth magnetic day, God created animals and man in the form of Adam.
7529 years have passed since the creation of Adam (in 2020 according to the Gregorian calendar).

At the moment, we are in the late magnetic morning stage. Magnetic dawn begins around 1800 in the Gregorian calendar.
It is no coincidence that the late 19th and early 20th centuries were an era of technological progress, an era of great inventors and inventions. All the revolutionary inventions of this period were based on magnetism or were associated with the ether. Nikola Tesla alone patented 700 different devices, mainly based on magnetism.
Have you ever wondered why before that there were centuries of scientific calm, and suddenly in the 19th century a large number of outstanding scientists and inventors appear on the scene, who literally step on each other's feet. Question: where were they before? Why before that for centuries there was not a single inventor like Heinrich Hertz, Alexander Popov, Nikola Tesla, Guglielmo Marconi and many others? And suddenly they appeared all at once, like mushrooms after rain? - No, it's not that the church has hindered technological progress for centuries by burning all dissidents at the stake. For example, in England there was no persecution of dissident scientists at all. How else to explain that such controversial for that time characters like Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton were not burned at the stake for their statements. However, even a very "progressive" England went through centuries of scientific calm. And the thing is that centuries earlier, the laws of physics were different - magnetic darkness reigned. Only in the 19th century, magnetism began to reveal its potential, and with it new possibilities appeared - the era of (magnetic) technologies came.







The next item is the climate. As we know, the Earth's climate does not stand in one place, but is constantly changing. Today, we are used to the fact that Europe has a temperate climate and practically no cold winters. But the artists of the 17th and 18th centuries depicted winter landscapes and plots that differ little from the winter landscapes of Russia, while they depicted countries like Belgium, Holland, England, Germany, and France - countries that are not associated with snowy winters and frozen rivers.
In fact, the period between the 15th and 19th centuries went down in history as the Little Ice Age. During this period, winters in Europe were long, cold, and snowy. And the harvest was barely enough for everyone. As a result, poverty, hunger, disease, and banditry flourished in Europe.

The Gulf Stream is responsible for the current mild and temperate climate in Europe, it is also the "heating of Europe", since it carries warm air and warm water from the South and heats Western Europe. If we remove the Gulf Stream, then such countries as England, Belgium, Germany, and even France are waiting for the same climate as in Canada, which was during the Little Ice Age.

The direction of the Gulf Stream is directly related to the position of the magnetic poles, and as the poles shift, the Gulf Stream changes its direction and shape. Thus, the Earth's climate changes throughout the entire magnetic cycle.
At the moment, Europe is experiencing mild winters, but as the magnetic pole moves westward, the Gulf Stream will change in favor of warming.
Europe, like many parts of the world, will experience further warming over the next 100-150 years, until the moment when the north and south poles move as far apart as possible, that is, until the period of magnetic noon.
During this time, the loop of the Gulf Stream will rise higher to the north and wash the shores of Greenland, which at that time will experience a climate similar to Western European today, while climatic conditions in Western Europe will be more tropical, and palm trees on the streets of London or Berlin may become a common sight.
This will also affect the climate in western Russia - at the peak of warming, snow in St. Petersburg or even Moscow may become rare, as temperatures in January and December will rarely drop below zero.
This alignment is not fiction - a similar climatic scenario was already on Earth during the medieval climatic optimum, in the years 950 - 1250. This period is considered the heyday of Europe, thanks to the unusually warm climate. At some stage, the heat even reached such northern parts of the Earth as Iceland and Greenland.
The chronicles preserved from that period indicate that winemaking flourished in the ever cold and rainy Scotland, and grain was grown in the Scandinavian countries up to the Arctic Circle.
During this period, all of Europe and Scandinavia were settled, cities were built, agriculture flourished, and the population of Europe and the entire world grew rapidly.
The Vikings settled in Iceland and Greenland, which had a mild climate and rich vegetation.
The name "Greenland" itself translates as the green land, but today it is known to us as the white land, since it is covered with ice and snow all year round. However, this was not the case during its settlement by the Vikings in the 9th and 10th centuries.
And who would want to populate Greenland or Iceland in its present form, with virtually no vegetation and wildlife?

We are not talking about some kind of medieval climatic optimum, which scientists still do not have an explanation for - we are talking about a magnetic day that occurs approximately every 1000 years. We are now on the cusp of the next magnetic day, which will peak in the 22nd century.

Until that moment, Europe and the Earth as a whole will experience climatic warming, until climatic conditions similar to those that reigned 1000 years ago will come and Greenland will become green again, and Scotland will be engaged in winemaking.

After the peak of warming, a slow cooling will begin, and by the 24th century, winters in Europe will already be much colder, and Greenland will again become covered with snow and ice.
It was in the 14th century of the last millennium that the Vikings began to leave Greenland due to a cold snap.
From this it follows that the next cold snap will overtake Greenland about 1000 years later. And by the centuries 26th, 27th, the next magnetic night will come. The Thames River in London, like all other rivers in western Europe, will freeze for several months a year, and winters will again be cold, snowy, and long.

The described climatic changes are associated with changes in the Gulf Stream.
As we know, the Gulf Stream passes through all oceans and carries warm water and warm air with it. In fact, the Gulf Stream is nothing more than heating the Earth.
At the same time, it constantly contracts and stretches, depending on the displacement of the earth's magnetic poles.
As the magnetic poles move away from each other, the Gulf Stream stretches and progresses further north, bringing heat to the northern and cold regions - this is what is happening at the moment, what some call "man-made" global warming.
After the poles have reached the point of maximum distance, they begin to converge. During the convergence of the magnetic poles, the Gulf Stream begins to contract again and retreat from the northern edges.
And thus, the Gulf Stream narrows and parts of the Earth that were previously heated by the Gulf Stream freeze.
With a high probability, at the stage of the closest approach of the magnetic poles, the Gulf Stream completely "collapses" and for some time stops all its activity.
But when the magnetic dawn comes and the poles begin to move away from each other, the Gulf Stream wakes up from its "hibernation" and begins a new magnetic cycle.




                                                                                        Population of the earth


The next item is the population of the Earth.
At the beginning of the 19th century, the population of the Earth was about 1 billion people. Since then, it has continued to grow - at first slowly, until the middle of the first half of the 20th century; then it began to grow incrementally. Today, the population of the Earth is about 8 billion.
Many scientists are preoccupied with the idea that humanity is moving in an era of overpopulation. There are fears that at the given rate of population growth, at some stage there will be a shortage of resources. We are talking about food and drinking water, which supposedly will not be enough for everyone, which will lead to endless wars.
And one cannot but agree in this, if, of course, we proceed from the assumption that population growth will always continue at an even rate and without much hesitation. In this case, a big humanitarian catastrophe would await us in the coming centuries - so in 500 - 600 years with an increasing increase.
In reality, there are no straight lines in nature - there are only waves and cycles. Earth's population is also subject to a constant cycle of dwelling and waning, ebb and flow. And this cycle is connected again with the magnetic cycle.
With the onset of magnetic day, the population of the Earth increases. The population grows until magnetic noon, but with the arrival of magnetic evening, the population of the Earth begins to naturally decrease until it decreases to a minimum during the magnetic night.
This is primarily due to decreased immunity during magnetic night. The ether structure during this period is discharged, which directly negatively affects the immune system.
In the winter months, we are more susceptible to all kinds of diseases, in particular the flu and colds, than in the summer. The main reason for this is the lack of the Sun. It's no secret that sunlight feeds our body with vitamin D, activates our immune system, and generally makes us more active and energetic.
Likewise, charged ether has a beneficial effect on our body, on our activity, and most importantly, on our immune system. During the period of discharged ether, immunity is lowered and the body is more vulnerable to diseases and suffers them much more heavily.

In past centuries, people had a completely different attitude to such diseases as colds or, God forbid, flu, than we do today.
If for most people these days, the first signs of a cold are not a cause for concern, then 300 years ago, an ordinary cold could easily become cancerous. Not to mention the flu, which amounted to a sentence. This factor influences infant mortality, which in past centuries was simply astronomical - about half of children died.

In general, life in those days was hard and short. People died from the common cold or from blood poisoning, which could result from minor damage to the skin; not to mention any pandemics that periodically overwhelmed Europe, taking away a significant part of its population.
Maybe this is the real reason that Europe until the 19th century was a hotbed of unsanitary conditions, and its inhabitants panickedly avoided water and did not wash their whole lives, preferring to slowly die from diseases associated with unsanitary conditions? Maybe the reason for all this was the fear of catching the common cold - a disease that in mortality exceeded syphilis, and pragmatic Europeans simply chose the least of two evils? Who knows.

All peoples have struggled with disease and mortality in the past centuries in their own way. In Russia, for example, from time immemorial there was a tradition of the Russian bath, and in addition to this, swimming in an ice hole was practiced from infancy. Of course, both of them aroused condemnation and quiet horror among our western neighbors.
But fortunately, our ancestors were not connoisseurs of "European values" and understood that hardening in an ice hole is a way to raise and strengthen your immunity and the way to a healthy and long life.
And regular and thorough heating in the bath cleanses the body of both external and internal impurities, killing all viruses and excess bacteria in the body.

Today, infant mortality is relatively low compared to past centuries. Of course, this is largely due to more developed medicine and the emergence of new technologies and drugs, but the main factor in reducing mortality in general is increased immunity, which is associated with charged ether.
Nowadays, the common flu or cold is not always a reason to seek help from a doctor or directly from a church minister, as it was several centuries ago, during the period of magnetic darkness.





If you look at the early photographs taken between the 19th and early 20th centuries, one pattern is striking - most of the photographs show bare fields. There are practically no dense forests in old photographs. Moreover, many of those places where the bare steppe was once captured are now covered with dense forests. This applies to photographs taken both in Russia, in Europe, in North America - the steppe and rare vegetation are depicted everywhere. Of course, the photographs and their suitability as evidence can be debated for a long time, but it is difficult to argue with the fact that most trees today are not older than two hundred years.
We are used to the fact that Siberia is covered with endless forests, but even there are very few trees, which are more than two hundred years old, which means that once this territory was mainly steppe.
It would be naive to believe that the magnetic night affects all areas of life, but bypasses vegetation. Of course, this cannot be so - if the magnetic night affects the population of the Earth, then it also affects vegetation and the animal world - all this is one interconnected system.
To understand how a magnetic night can affect trees, one must first understand the role of the ether in the formation and growth of trees.
In order to grow, the tree pulls the necessary elements from the ground. These elements rise up the trunk and are distributed along the branches. And this movement of elements along the trunk and their further distribution is carried out by the etheric structure. Ether is the force that makes the tree grow. The tree also contains winds (geometric light fabric), which interact with the ether to ensure the growth of the tree, but the main driving force behind the growth comes from the ether itself.
Understanding this principle, it is easy to understand how the discharged ether affects the vegetation of trees: with discharged ether, that is, with a straightened ether structure, it is much more difficult for a tree to extract from the ground and distribute the elements necessary for its growth and maintenance. Thus, with the onset of magnetic night, most trees stop growing and die off, and only the most viable and not whimsical survive. Over time, the trees completely decay and the former forests turn into a bare field. Only with the arrival of the magnetic dawn, trees begin to grow again and populate the Earth.
For the last hundred years, there has been an intensive "revival" of vegetation on Earth. Many people born in the early 20th century are often surprised by the abundance of forests and trees, claiming that in their youth, trees were rare.






                                                                                 Mythology and the Paranormal

Many associate the Middle Ages with mysticism and the otherworldly.
It is a known fact that the inhabitants of past centuries were extremely superstitious. It was believed, for example, that one should not go to the lake to swim at dawn and dusk, because at that time mermaids could "pick up". The belief in mermaids was not so widespread that people carried amulets with them as protection from mermaids and other evil spirits.

           “There are miracles: there the devil wanders; The mermaid is sitting on the branches .. "
                                                                                   Alexander S. Pushkin



Stories about beautiful girls who come to lonely fishermen or hunters at night in order to lure them into the water exist to this day. However, such incidents were considered common in the past. It was believed that the mermaid could be found at the well, on the bridge, and even at home.
Slavic mythology is rich in various creatures, such as witches, Viy, Kashchei, mermaids, sirens, drowned women, ghouls, werewolves, spirits, demons, goblin, water, brownies and others. And for people of that time, all these creatures were part of their worldview - this was imprinted in the literature of those times. What is only the story of Nikolai Gogol "The Night Before Christmas", where the main antagonist is a horned devil? And there are a lot of such examples.
In some parts of the Earth, superstition and belief in everything otherworldly is present to this day.
These places include Ukraine, especially Western, and the countries of Eastern Europe. In Romania, to this day, there is a belief in ghouls, that is, the living dead who come at night, as well as in werewolves and other evil spirits. But the territories of today's Russian Federation, including the Far East, are not much inferior to Eastern Europe in their superstition.
For the modern man in the street, all mythology with its many legends, stories, and superstitions is nothing more than horror stories for children, invented by the "unenlightened and superstitious" inhabitants of those times. And it is difficult to argue with the fact that modern skepticism in relation to mythology is fully justified. How to explain, for example, the fact that in our technological age there are no photographs and videos of various mythical creatures, which allegedly did not give people peace of mind in past centuries, inciting them behind every bush?
If we take into account that the population of the Earth today is eight times more than, say, 300 years ago, and the majority have photo and video cameras in the form of telephones, then a reasonable question arises: Where are those numerous videos of the same mermaids, demons, goblin ghouls, werewolves and others? Where are the video and audio recordings of the sirens who, with their singing, periodically lured sailors into certain death? There are practically no such records today. This, in turn, strengthens the modern skeptical materialists in their belief that all the stories and legends of the past are the fiction of superstitious and uneducated people.
The aforementioned "mythical creatures" are inhabitants of the other world, that is, that rich world of Light, which is at a different frequency.
How much the other world interacts with our world depends largely on the magnetic stage - the closer to magnetic midnight, the thinner the line between our world and the other world. This means that during the magnetic night, paranormal activity reaches its maximum level, and during the magnetic day it drops to a minimum.
Let's imagine this using the example of an ordinary day and night: it is known that paranormal activity is higher at night than during the day, and that night is considered the time of evil spirits. The highest activity is attributed to the first three hours of the day. Many believe that this time of day got its bad name in connection with the crucifixion of Christ, but most likely it had a bad reputation even before the Crucifixion.
At twelve o'clock in the morning, a new day begins, and the first units in the spectrum, in this case the clock, are the lowest frequency ones.
The spectrum begins with the lowest frequency, or wicked, and ends with the highest. The first platform in the universe, Hell, is the lowest frequency. The first day in the (lunar) month is the lowest frequency. The first day of the week, Sunday, is the lowest-frequency day of the week, and the last day of the week, Saturday, is the highest.
Likewise, the first hours of the day are the lowest frequency and wicked. It is for this reason that you should not start new business at night and in the evening, since the probability is high that  
they will not be successful.
Low frequency is at the heart of the notoriety of the first three hours. Increased paranormal activity is the result of low frequency. It is at this time of day that the line between our world and the other world is thinnest.
The principle of the time of day can be attributed one to one to the magnetic night.
The magnetic night time is the lowest frequency. During this period, our world is most exposed to the penetration of otherworldly beings into it, as it happened in the past dark ages.

It is not for nothing that this period is called the "dark age" - this is the period of dark power. It was during this period that legends and stories about mermaids, sirens, demons, ghouls, watermen, drowned people, goblin, brownies and all other evil spirits were born.

In addition to belief in "mythical" creatures, many superstitions that cause misunderstanding and sometimes ridicule are relics of past centuries.
Until recently, there was a sign that after sunset one should not be on the street - not only because of the danger from wild animals and enemies, but also because of the evil spirits that could be found on the street in the dark.
At first glance, all this may seem incredible fantasy, but imagine - for a fly born in summer, snow and ice are also fantastic. It is also difficult for us, who were born during the magnetic dawn, to imagine the conditions of magnetic darkness in which our ancestors lived and survived for centuries.

To conclude, it is worth adding that in our time there is a lot of paranormal, but much less than centuries earlier.
As for video and photographic material: otherworldly creatures are not captured on video, photo, and audio recordings. This equipment is not intended for use on other world frequencies.
Unclean things, including vampires and ghouls, are not reflected in the mirror for the same reason: the mirror does not reflect their frequency.
The only "equipment" capable of perceiving the other world is ourselves. Only our perception is capable of perceiving the other world - and even then, in rare cases.

Based on this, one should not expect a mountain of genuine video material with the participation of various "mythical" creatures. But as they say - the exception confirms the rule. In some rare cases, it is possible to capture this or that otherworldly phenomenon.