Hell is real

hell - square earth

Hell is a sub-domain/chamber situated in the lowest section of the complex.
In picture above we can see the lowest section named Hell. On the bottom of Hell is a layer of Darkness, or physical matter, which lies on a firmament. Since the sub-domain of Hell is not interacting with matter, it may be situated on the same firmament as Darkness.

squre earth - hell 2

The sub-domain of Hell is located in the lowest section called Hell. Like all domains, Hell is a cube like domain with its own perspective and repetitive space. Hell has no open sky above; the sky in Hell is pitch black. But that is perhaps the smallest problem: Since it is situated so close to the pillars of the Earth, aethereal vibration is extremely intense and rough, which makes a person feel heavy and uncomfortable. The strong aethereal vibration makes Hell also a hot place. And on top of it all, it is the habitation of ugly and violent demons who have nothing but pure and utter hatred for people who have come to dwell with them in Hell. 

Enoch, who saw Hell with his own eyes, describes:


“And I measured all the earth, its mountains,hills, fields, woods, stone, rivers and everything that exists. I wrote the height from the earth to the seventh heaven, the depth of the lowermost hell, the place of condemnation, and the supremely large hell, open and weeping."


 The cube in picture above has a side length of around 2000 kilometers/1300 miles, roughly the size of New Jerusalem. It has a ground area of about 70% of the United States, Alaska excluded, which indeed can be described as quite large. Enoch continues:


And I saw how the prisoners were in pains, looking forward to endless punishment;i recorded all those who have been condemned by the judge,all their sentences, and all their corresponding deeds. I saw all those from the age of my ancestors, with Adam and Eve. I sighed and burst into tears. I said concerning their disreputable depravity, 'Oh how miserable is for me my incapacity and that of my ancestors!' And I thought in my heart and I said, 'How blessed is the person who has not been born, who has not sinned before The Face of The Lord, so that he will not come into this place nor carry the yoke of this place.' I saw the key holders and the guards of the gates of hell standing, as large as serpents, with their faces like lamps that have been extinguished, and their eyes aflame, and their teeth naked down to the breasts. I said to their faces, 'It would have been better if I had not seen you, nor heard about your activities, nor that any member of my tribe had been brought to you. To what a small extent they have sinned in this life, but in the eternal life they will suffer forever.'