Cubical Elementary Domains as the "frame" of the Universe


Each of the three domains depicted in picture 6 is a cube-shaped, non-physical body which is comprised of a geometric medium. When exposed to vibration the medium contracts and releases geometric atoms, or “bubbles.” Atoms can only manifest as hollow spaces within their corresponding domain. Each domain has its own specific geometric alignment which is bound to a certain geometry - for example, one domain releases atoms of octahedral shape; the other releases atoms of octagonal shape.

The domains do not provide the physical laws necessary for physical processes to take place. This is where the aether comes into play. All three domains are overlaid over the aether and occupy the same space. The dimension of the domains is 40 075 km * 40 075 km * 40 075 km. It's the aether that provides all the physical laws and forces necessary for the particles to move and to interact with the environment.

Another important property of the domains is their repetitive nature. A particle that crosses the limit of the cube-shaped domain appears on the opposite side of cube without experiencing a boundary. In other words, particles can move in a straight line perpetually without ever reaching the wall. A particle that reaches the wall continues its motion and comes out on the opposite wall. 


To recap: Atoms are geometric "bubbles" in their domain. The domain itself is the medium. We can compare the principle of atoms in the domain to bubbles in water or to holes in cheese. 

There are three domains: Light, Darkness and Lightning. Each domain has its own geometric alignment and releases geometric "bubbles" according to its geometric alignment.

Geometric bubbles in the domain of Darkness (physical matter)


Geometric bubbles in the domain of Light (spiritual matter)


Geometric bubbles in the domain of Lightning