The Celestial Sphere or The Stars of God

The Stars of God, or the celestial sphere, is one of the greatest marvels of Creation and here is why...


Imagine a crystalline sphere with luminous nebula of all different shapes and colors inside. Now imagine the sphere to be up to several hundred miles in diameter. Now you're getting close to what the Stars of God look like. The celestial sphere is a giant crystal ball containing luminous nebula of all colors of the rainbow. Galaxies are “frozen” vortexes inside the sphere and may be the size of a smaller town. Either way, a galaxy is not a billions of light years big cloud made up of solar systems orbiting around a black hole. The entire celestial sphere, including “Milky Ways” and nebula, is comprised of Lightning (the element). All of the multi-colored nebula radiate a highfrequency light, which makes the spectacle even more fascinating, as Lightning is much brighter, and much more colorful than  anything down on Earth. 


Furthermore, the crystalline sphere itself is “softer”, glossier, and more transparent than any crystal on Earth, as the element of Lightning, which is also referred to as “wet and dry”, is “infinitely” transparent, so transparent that one can see crystal clear nebula and colors that are hundreds of miles deep inside the giant crystal sphere.  And all of it is projected onto  the firmament like on a canvas, whereas we have the illusion of depth, while in reality, everything we see in the night sky is displayed on a flat screen. Stars are extremely bright lights of different sizes which are attached to the outer surface of the sphere, which is why they are in the foreground and the nebula in the background. Shooting stars are lights falling off of the celestial sphere

All of the night sky, including stars, nebula, galaxies etc, is projected by the Celestial Sphere onto the Firmament dividing the heavens 7 and 8.


Stars are lights fastened to the surface of the Celestial Sphere. Nebulas and Galaxies are inside the sphere

“Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the foundations of the heavens shall be shaken.”                                                                                                  

                                                                                          Matthew 24 : 29

Christ is predicting on his second coming a huge earthquake that will make the Foundations of Heaven and the whole structure of the universe shake. As a result, stars will fall off the celestial sphere, as the Houses of Stars are fastened to the structure of the universe and will shake as well.


Note: All animations of the celestial sphere have a purely symbolic character and are not meant to represent the true appearance and magnificence of the Stars of God.