AETHER - The Fundamental Force of the Universe


The Einsteinian (Newtonian) idea of the universe, which represents the canon of present day science, is based on the concept of gravity, relativity, and on linear light. It's a widespread misconception that the theory of gravity was a groundbreaking discovery to help understand the universe, and to take humanity to the next level of the scientific evolution. Reality, however, is different - between late 1800' and early  1900',  there was an unceasing debate between scientists and inventors who supported the concept of the aether , with Nicola Tesla as the most prominent supporter of the aether, and scientists who denied the existence of the  aether and promoted the concept of gravity instead. Albert Einstein represents the leader of the second party.


Einstein's gravity and relativity was not a scientific breakthrough of the early twentieth century, like the media and mainstream science presents it,  but a substitute for the aetherforce which was believed to be the fundamental force of the universe throughout  human history.

Most of the inventions and discoveries that make up the modern technological age, including electricity, remote control, magnets, batteries, radio waves, microwaves, and X-Rays - to name a few examples, are aether-based. So what exactly is the aether? - The aether is a non-physical, geometric fiber which suffuses the entire universe and permeates everything within. Moreover, the aether is in a constant state of vibration. It's vibrating at a very high frequency, to high to be picked up with the ear; aether cannot be touched, sensed, or measured in the traditional sense, since it follows its own, non-physical laws. For example, the fabric of the aether responds to geometry and to frequency. When exposed to frequency, its fiber contracts and releases three-dimensional patterns, also known as cymatic patterns. When the aether gets exposed to geometry, it releases a frequency of aethereal waves corresponding to the given geometry. The whole structure of the aether rests upon the pillars of the Earth.

The pillars of the Earth are vibrating at a very high frequency and the aether is the conductor which distributes the vibration of the pillars throughout the universe. Mass and atoms are constantly striving downwards, towards the source of vibration, as vibration is attraction. Aether is also the non-physical medium which conducts sound and radio waves. 

4014 (2).png

The Foundation of the Universe is made up of hexagonal pillars of around 1 foot in diameter. The pillars are vibrating at a high frequency. The aethereal body is also made up of hexagonal pillars which adjoin the Pillars of the Earth and conduct their vibration and distribute it throughout the Universe. The aethereal vibration around us is the fundamental force of the universe; it provides attraction between atoms, the force called "Gravity"- all matter strives downwards because aethereal vibration intensifies downwards, towards the pillars of the Universe, which creates a natural torque downwards.

Picture on the left: An atom "reflecting" aethereal waves

Picture on the right: illustration of atomic attraction and of "Gravity" (...aethereal vibration aplifying downwards)

10102 (2).png

The Foundation of the Universe, also known as "Foundations of the Earth", is a square platform with the dimensions:

40 075 km x 40 075 km. It is comprised of hexagonal pillars of about 1 foot in diameter, which are in a constant state of high frequency vibration.


Picture above illustrates the Universe